wait for my signal. We will be riding a current of water out of here and when we get up
top we will have to swim to safety, got it?" I asked. They nodded and immediately got to
work. "Oh and if you bite on the mouthpiece it gives off light, just don't bite too hard
and break it," I added.
I turned to the girl in front of me. "What's your name," I asked her softly.
"Yvonne," she replied shakily.
"Okay Yvonne, listen to me, we are going to have to share this mouthpiece until we get
to the surface okay, get your goggles and nose plug on now and lets get you used to it."
It felt bizarre speaking like an adult. I was doubtful this would work but we had no other
choice. I was wondering, through all this chaos and go gogo action, what these three
people were doing here, staying behind in the face of such danger, for what. There
might be time later to find out I hoped. The other two were sinking under the surface
and doing their best to get the hang of the breathing. It took them several turns but
they got it eventually and they stayed under. I was amazed at what people, including me,
could achieve in life or death situations. The water was up to my chin now and I had to
drop the backpack to be able
to tread the water. My heart was moving at a million miles
a second, Yvonne was scared half to death and we had about thirty seconds until we
were completely covered. With our heads pressed against the ceiling I said a few final
words to her.
"When we get down there I will tug on your arm when I need to take a breath, when
that happens you take a deep breath and hold it. Give me the mouthpiece and I will give
it back to you as soon as I am done, you need to trust me, everything will be okay, just
don't panic, too much." The water was pushing up that I had to tilt my head to the side
to take a few last breaths. Yvonne put the mouthpiece in and sank below. I half
expected her to come back up and tell me she couldn't do it. But she didn't. It was