probably me I was thinking of then. I took a last few deep breaths just as the water level
reached the ceiling. I used my flippers to kick down. The three of them were huddled
together in the eerily quiet and slow motion world that lay beneath the surface. I swam
to them and held onto the pillar to stabilise. I closed my eyes, found the source and
prayed with every ounce of my being for a route out of there, the quickest safest route.
Without hesitation I moved to their feet and began to tug at their feet and motion for
their shoes to come off. They did so. I felt my lungs compress in search of a breath of
oxygen, it had not even been thirty seconds, how the hell were we going to do this, I
asked myself. I tugged at Yvonne's arm as she finished taking off her shoes and
She took a deep breath and then handed me the mouthpiece. The other two were doing
a good job of lighting the place up with their green lights and I gave them the thumbs up.
I took several deep breaths of the strange tasting air and handed the mouthpiece back
to Yvonne. I was getting a message, in the midst of all this, a lesson, I couldn't believe it.
I showed the three of them a signal to hold on and I remained still and closed my eyes. I
felt the source grab hold of me like a wrestler would to an
I had to slow my heart down, if I could do that I would slow my need for oxygen. Great, I
thought, but how. Muscle control was the answer I got, in short, I had to control my
heart muscle and I had to move past the panic and initial pain of oxygen starvation. If I
could do that I would be able to hold my breath longer. There was no time. I followed
the guidance to discover my heart muscle and without any wonderment or appreciation
for what I was learning I immediately gave it instructions to slow down, it did, but not by
a whole hell of a lot. However the little bit it did slow down helped instantly. I was
beating at just less than I thought was normal. I immediately felt calmer as well.
My lungs however were trying to tell me to breathe and this was a natural reaction I had
to fight in order to train myself in that instant that I would be able to make do with what
I had for the next few minutes. My torso convulsed a couple of times but I thought to