hell with it and opened my eyes with the full intention of ignoring my body completely
until it was absolutely necessary. I looked at the three of them, they were terrified. I
gave them an okay signal and then let out a funny underwater smile. I made all three of
them hold onto each others hands and we formed a chain with our right arms facing in
opposite directions. I was in the front and I pulled at Yvonne in a motion for them to
start in the direction of the far back corner of the large expanse of a basement floor.
She resisted. It was because she
knew that there was nothing back there, no way out. I
pulled harder, it was where I was being led, we had no choice, and it was where we had
to go, now. I pulled harder and looked her right in the eyes through our goggles and
mentally pleaded with her to trust me, she still resisted. The two behind her had other
ideas though and they gave an almighty shove which she could not ignore. We moved
over to the far corner laboriously. It was difficult as we were holding onto each other
and the exercise was causing my heart to want to pump faster so the level of
concentration and effort I put into this simple task was exhausting. We got to the black
corner in a few minutes but if felt like forever. There was a large chunk of the wall that
had fallen in and the steel bars that stuck out gave us handles to use as stabilisers. We
stopped and the green light illuminated our faces. The outskirts of our surroundings
were pitch black. I tugged at Yvonne for some air and I took the mouthpiece and sucked
in a huge amount of air with extreme gratitude and a feeble smile. I had no idea how we
were going to get out or what we were doing where we were. I used the moment to
slow my heart rate and recover. I had about a minute before the reason for our location
became clear.
Although we were under water, we heard the muffled sounds that accompanied the
rush of the water around us and we could distinguish between the various sounds. We
could also feel the water around us. What we heard and what we felt were not there
when we started
our swim. We all turned with our backs against the wall, the green
light illuminating the pillar in the distance where we were gathered a few minutes ago.