It was about eighty or so metres away. The entire ceiling had caved in. The concrete and
rubble that
had fallen through created a mass of murky dirty water that was growing by
the second. The water around us shook. The ceiling started to cave in further and
further from that location and was heading right toward us, we backed into the corner
until we were jam packed with no room to move. The wall of brown water hit with
tremendous force, pushing us back into the wall. I felt a pain in my lower right leg like a
sting from a prick of a thorn. I looked down but couldn't even see that far in front of me.
We held on to each others arms with fear and force. The brown water pushed harder
still, we were being crushed. I prayed the falling ceiling would stop somewhere before it
got to us.
It felt like forever but eventually the water pressure ceased and began to move out and
up. With my spare arm I tugged at Yvonne for a breath on the mouthpiece. She handed
it to me blindly and I sucked in some more air and gave it back to her. I felt that we were
about to move out and I needed the three of them to assist. I grabbed her chin and
pointed her head toward the area where the ceiling had collapsed and drew my finger
along her cheek, I hoped that she knew what I meant. I did the same for the other two.
They braced themselves so I knew they were ready to move. The reverse
current grew
stronger and started to pull at us. It grew stronger and stronger until I couldn't hold back
anymore. I said a silent prayer and hoped for the best and let go. The pain in my leg
intensified a thousand times and my whole knee and thigh felt like they were on fire. I
couldn't kick with the leg, it had gone limp.
I didn't have time to worry about it, I surrendered to the current and let it pull me up. It
did so with great force and precision. The force was the same for our little human chain
and holding on was actually all any of us had to do. I was in the front with the three of
them trailing behind me. I had no light in front of me, but I didn't need it yet. I did this
on the way in and I just did my best with my one leg to steer with the current. We were
moving upwards, straight up. It was weird, we seemed to have moved way past what