would have been the ground floor of the hostel straight up God knows how many floors.
Our surroundings were tight and a few times my limp leg bumped into a few things and I
knew it would probably hurt later.
I was beginning to have hope that we had made it out of the worst bit. I started to relax
a bit. It was too exhausting to keep my concentration levels up. The whole day was
wearing down on me, hard. I began to feel a little woozy. The current pulling us along
came to an abrupt stop as we were squeezed through a tight space. I looked up and
above me and not very far away I saw light, the surface, my heart jumped. I pulled
Yvonne through and pointed upwards, she looked up and I saw her smile. I thought she
would immediately make a dart for it. She didn't. She handed me the mouthpiece and
pulled the other two towards her and pointed upwards. I sucked in as much air as I
could and gave her back the mouthpiece. She
took it and smiled. I smiled back. I pointed
upwards and gave her thumbs up. She looked at me as if to ask was I sure. I motioned
for her to go after the other two. I looked up and they were just breaking the surface. I
could feel a strange pressure I had
never felt before. Yvonne swam upwards as fast as
she could. A current came in from the side and was pushing them along.
My turn. I was very happy the day was coming to an end, my only hope that where we
surfaced we would be able to find a high point that could get us to land. I kicked off with
my working leg and expected to shoot into the current taking us all to the top. I
remained in place. I kicked off again, no luck. I looked down. My limp leg was wedged
between a concrete support beam that had fallen and a windowsill. It was a massive
piece of concrete and our extraction at the angle we came out at wedged my foot into
the triangular gap. I tried to go down to push my leg backwards and try bring it out the
way it went in but a pain that was so intense it set every nerve ending in my body on fire
made me involuntarily pull back. I pulled up my jeans and there, sticking out through the
skin was a piece of my shin bone with a huge gaping hole right next to it. So that's what
happened to my leg, I realised, and as the realisation hit, so did the pain.