On the other hand I had this nagging feeling to take a little time off and get some extra
rest. I so I decided that rest it would be. In an instant I was standing in the front yard of
my grandfather’s farm house. The sun was shining and there was no wind. I looked
around and the farm seemed deserted. I knew it wasn’t real, but it sure as hell felt real. I
loved the farm for many reasons, one being that in spring, just when the season was
changing from winter there would be a short period where in the middle of the day the
sun would blaze at a perfect temperature. The air would be perfectly still and the sky
would be as clear and blue as if it had just come into existence. This was where dad and
I would lay a picnic blanket and
catch up on doing as little as possible for as long as
This is where I now stood. Before me was the picnic blanket with a single pillow. The
wide and rolling acres of grass spreading out all around me.
It was the perfect resting
place. I stood looking out at the hills in the distance and felt the warm sun on my skin. I
closed my eyes and smiled. I liked it here but I felt that there was somewhere else I
needed to be and other things I needed to be doing. Things that I felt were more real
and of more value than selfishly lazing about. I felt a presence behind me, one of beauty
and love, a woman. She knew me but I had never met her in the flesh.
“You know, you get that from your father, he was also always
on the move and looking
for something to do. I never could get him to just sit still and rest. Even when he was
forced to rest his mind never stopped taking him somewhere else,” she moved next to
me and we stood side by side. I opened my eyes, too afraid to look at her. I knew of her,
I had heard of her and I felt her for most of my life. Even though I only now realised it
was her that I was feeling. “Matthew?” she said.
“Yes Gran?” I replied. A tear rolled down my check.