“You need to rest my boy, it is important,” she said with a stern tone that I would not
have been able to ignore even if I tried.
“Yes Gran,” was all I could say.
“And Matthew?” she said once more as I turned to look at her, “I love you very much. I
will be back a little later for you.” She kissed me on the forehead and gently turned my
head back to the view of the rolling hills. I felt her back away until she was gone. I lay
down on the blanket and looked up at the sky, my heart as warm as my skin. I closed my
eyes and fell into a wonderful doze.
They were all standing around Matthews’s hospital bed with their heads were bowed in
sadness as Matt lay in a drug induced coma. Ice packs were placed all around him to
control the fever. It was a common technique used by doctors to deal with drowned
patients. Matthews’s mother had been taking it especially hard and Jarred had to bear
all of it. She was about to launch into another rant about what happened when there
was a shimmering in the corner and a majestic Pelican appeared out of nowhere.
Kayla smiled at Caitlin who smiled back at her as if she had been waiting for her to arrive.
Matthew’s mother and her boyfriend’s jaws dropped and they just stared blankly. Jarred
simply muttered “oh boy, just what I need” under his breath. Kayla just ignored them all,
but she did shoot Jarred a nasty look. She addressed them all in her usual tone.
"Now you all listen to me. Matthew has a choice to make, and he will make it on his own
terms without any intervention from either of you" she said.
"What do you mean?" his mother asked in an icy tone.