"There will be some signs of movement from Matthew shortly and you are all to remain
still and silent during this. He is in the middle of making a decision,” Kayla replied.
“What decision,” his mother asked in the same tone.
Kayla took a deep breath, “you’re tone is irritating me woman, has no one told you that
if you want something you should at least be nice when asking for it?” Kayla shot back.
This knocked her off guard and Kayla carried on before she could respond. “Matthew is
making a decision regarding what he would like to be doing next. One possible outcome
is that he comes back here. The other, well” she paused and left the rest up to us.
Matthew’s mother was about to explode at the possibility of what Kayla meant, but
before she could she was stopped.
“If you interfere it will not be his decision, it would be yours. I know none of you are that
selfish,” she eased her tone to a nurturing one. “You have to do this, you have to let him
choose and you have to deal with whatever the outcome is, it’s the only way do you
understand?” None of them answered they just nodded with tears in their eyes. “Good,
I don’t want to have to physically restrain any of you anyway, it’s too much like hard
work.” There was a twitch in Matthews’s bed and the covers moved as his legs kicked.
They all sucked in air and were about to rush to his bedside when Kayla flared up her
wings and hissed at them to stand back. Which they reluctantly did.
I was roused by the presence of my grandmother. I felt from her that time was starting
to become an issue and I would need to make a decision very soon. I stood up and
looked at her. She was slightly shorter than I was and radiant beyond comparison. She
was smiling at me as she took my hands into hers.