us and it looked like everyone was getting ready to say some form of grace. The
predominant colour was a hazy purple, I liked it, a lot.
Kayla cleared her throat and silence fell, she sang. “Oh mother of us all we are here to
eat this blessed bounty placed at our feet. You give from your heart and we harvest
from your land sustenance so sweet and touched by your hand. Hear us as we rejoice in
our food and replace all we have taken, used and removed. Blessed be.”
As short as the song was, it was beautiful and I could feel just how real and purposeful
the words were. There was a loud cheer of “hoorah” around the table and everyone
started to eat and talk. I looked own the table and saw that the purple haze had receded
and was now
replaced with a rainbow of different colours emanating from every
different person and pelican. The food providers were back with more trays, this time
with various drinks and what looked like steaming plates of vegetables and seafood.
“For obvious reasons we prefer fresh fruit and fish, there is more than enough
sustenance in these foods to fuel the entire planet, but we throw in some vegetables
and various steamed fish dishes for our guests such as you two” she indicated to Kim
and I.
“I love seafood, my Dad knows it’s the only food I will eat, next to fruit and peanut
butter” Kim giggled and it hit me right at the base of my spine and worked its way up to
the top of my head. Kayla nudged me in the ribs with her wing just as Kim reached for a
banana and was served with a plate full of steaming prawns and mussels. The smell was
intoxicating. Kim turned to speak to the two boys sitting next to her. I was so wrapped
up in being where I was I did not even take notice of them. The tingle up my spine
to get a little edge to it.