Caitlin moved away from the bed and stood clear of the emotional commotion. She said
quietly, “I think you should all move away now,” no one except Kayla heard her speaking.
“What did you say child?” she asked quick as a flash.
“I think they should all move away from the bed and make some space,” she replied
“Why?” Kayla asked back.
“Because Grandpa is coming,” she replied pointing at the door.
Quicker than lightning Kayla moved everyone away from Matthew, she screamed and
squawked and flapped her wings until they were all standing back. His mother the most
reluctant but eventually she could not resist any longer. As she moved back Matthew’s
Grandfather burst into the room with two doctors wheeling in a defibrillator. “Do it!” he
ordered the doctors. They stared at him, not sure what to do. “Do it damnit! Now!”
They moved to the bed and placed the pad under Matthew’s shirt. “Are you sure sir, this
doesn’t seem right?” said the one doctor on last time.
“We spoke
about this already okay, now do it or I will,” Matthew’s Grandfather said
“Oaky then. Full charge and maximum length,” the doctor holding the panels said. The
other doctor made some adjustments on the machine and the charge was heard by
everyone. The confusion in the room was held back by the drama unfolding in front of
them all. “Clear!” shouted the doctor and the panels punched in.