The pain was overwhelming and it didn’t stop shooting through my body, it just kept
going. After what felt like forever it stopped. I tried of open my eyes but they just would
not open. The pan kicked in again and this time with it I began to feel other pain as well,
my shoulder felt like it was on fire. It ceased and again I tried to open my eyes but could
not. Again the pain shot through my body this time my knee throbbed with pain. This
was one was the longest of them all. I couldn’t do it again, I need to get my eyes open to
make it stop. My whole body was in agony and it hurt like a son of a bitch. I wiggled my
toes in panic to try and wake my body from the bottom up. If I could just get that right
then maybe I could climb out of this sleep state. It was working. My legs were kicking
now. I felt the pressure on my chest again. I kicked harder.
The doctors gave up after the third try. They refused to shock Matthew again. Matthews
Grandfather shoved them aside and grabbed the panels. He had the pads on his chest
and was about to deploy the charge when Caitlin stopped him. She walked up to him
and put her hands on his.
“No,” she said.
He looked at her. “What?”
“No,” she said again. The room became quieter. She did not need to raise her voice.
He was about to ignore her and pushed the panels into Matthew’s chest when he felt
Matthew’s legs kicking. With his grandfather still holding the panels firmly in place with
his finger on the buttons, Matthew shot up and screamed at the top of his lungs “NO!”