His Grandfather flew back in surprise. Caitlin was a little more elegant, she moved aside
just before Matthew bolted upright and giggled when her Grandfather landed on the
floor on his bum toppling over the foot stand at the bottom of the bed.
Matthew stared around the room with panic on his face, his chest heaving heavily from
breathing hard and as white as a ghost. He was back and thank God he managed to stop
them from shocking him. He fell back onto his pillows and with him all the pain his body
was in. He loved it. He was alive. And He loved it. His mother rushed to his side and
grabbed his hand. Tears of relief and joy were inevitable. They all rushed to his side.
Matthew closed his eyes and smiled.
Matthew spent the next few days drifting in and out of deep sleep, managing the pain
with various treatments from his team of doctors. There was a lot he wanted to know
but he kept his questions to himself whilst he recovered. To his surprise none of his
family and friends who were there intruded in his personal space with nagging questions
about where he was or what he was doing, they were all just grateful he had returned.
When Kayla was happy that he was properly on the mend and back for good she left,
her goodbye was quick and she winked at Matthew as if to say ‘see you soon’. His
mother had not left his side once except when to get something to eat, which she duly
returned and ate at his bedside. Matthew’s dad had spent the two days looking after
Caitlin at his Grandfathers farm after she decided she had had enough of the depressing
hospital. They were to return later that evening to check on him. The truth they knew to
leave a mother and her injured child be until she allowed them back in.
Matthew’s entire leg was in a fibre glass cast as a result of the metal spike incident. He
had to have his knee cap put back together and nearly all the ligaments were torn and