two bones were broken. They had to replace the cast now that the swelling had gone
down so it could be set more firmly. His shoulder was in constant spasm where the
muscles were torn. They felt more like they had been ripped out and then shove back in.
Luckily it was just tissue damage and nothing permanent or serious. His leg on the other
hand was more than likely going to give him problems for a long while to come. All of
this was perfectly acceptable as he had chosen to come back and was grateful to be
As he spent time in silence with his mother at his side he noticed a change in her way.
She was more alert and present than he had ever known her to be. In this particular
moment he was staring at her as she ate a sandwich from the hospital canteen. It was
late evening and it was just the two of them. It occurred to him that he had been selfish
over the past few days and he had not thought once about the affect this whole ordeal
had on his family, especially his mother. And then there
was the pressing question
regarding the extent of the damage caused by the flood. He was almost afraid to ask.
He steadied himself as he prepared to ask, “Mom?”
“Hmmmm, what’s it my boy,” she smiled at him between bites.
“How bad is the damage, was it just our city or is it the whole country? Matthew asked
She put her sandwich down and moved closer to his bedside. “Shhhh, she whispered,
you don’t have to worry about that right now. You just need to get better.”
He was annoyed at her tone, she
was treating him like a child. It was to be expected
though, she just wanted him to get better. Matthew looked over to the door. His dad
had just arrived and heard what Matthew had asked. He thought he was going to get
the “let’s talk about it later look”, but he didn’t.