“Widespread damage globally Matthew, but you knew that would be the case. And no,
not just our city, pretty much the whole country” his father said stepping into the room.
Matthew’s mother turned and scowled at him.
“Oh relax, Matthew is not a little boy anymore and he needs to hear the truth as and
when he asks for it. That’s what Kayla instructed us remember? Or do you want her to
come back here and have it out with you again, because that’s one fight you will lose.”
She ignored him and
turned back to the bed. “Estimates are sitting at over 600 000 dead
Matthew, and the damage it ground zero is total, there’s nothing left.” She blurted it out
as fast as she could because she was the one who wanted to tell Matthew, but when
she was ready,
not when he was. She was still trying to come to grips with it all.
“600 000 n South Africa?” he asked quietly. There was a long pause as his parents
looked at each other. His dad moved to the other side of the bed.
“600 000 here Matthew,” he said. “We don’t know the full extent of the loss country
wide but it is in the millions, we just don’t know how many. As for the continent and the
rest of the globe, well you can only imagine. Everyone has kicked into high gear. The
world as we knew it no longer exists my boy. We knew this was going to happen and
now it has happened and you need to focus on the ones we saved and not the ones who
were lost.”
It hit Mathew hard, the figures. It was inconceivable that so many lives were lost. He
couldn’t comprehend the number, it was just too big for him to picture it. The sorrow
sank in and it was defeating. He closed his eyes and let the tears roll through the lids. His
parents held his hands as he surrendered to the feeling. After half an hour there was a
knock at the door. Matthew opened his eyes there was Caitlin tapping at her watch and