looking at her mother with raised eyebrows. Her Grandfather standing behind her
chuckling away.
“Go mom, she needs you, I want to speak to dad and Grandpa anyway. I will see you
tomorrow. How is the rest of the family?” he asked before she got up to go.
“They are fine my boy, the place up in the Magalies was high enough to keep us all safe.
Caitlin and I were brought here by helicopter” she smiled at her ex-husband as if to say
thank you.
“Don’t thank me, thank him” he said throwing a thumb over to Matthew’s grandfather.
“He’s the one who organised that.”
She tried her best to smile a thank you but it came out very wrong. Matthew laughed
and so did his dad. His grandfather just walked into the room gave his mother a thumbs
up and stood next to Matthew.
“Mooooooooooom, come on, I want to get out of here please and go get some sleep.
Love you Matty see you soon.” Caitlin was one of a kind.
“See you tomorrow my boy, sleep tight, I love you,” his mother said as she was dragged
down the passage by his sister.
“Love you too guys’ he shouted after them. It was just the three of them. “So” he said,
“just how the hell did I get out of that watery grave of mine?”
“Your dog,” dad said. “Your dog took us to you. He came in high tailing it basically
dragged me back to you location. I had no idea what was going on, we just got in the