dingy and followed his bark. No idea how we knew, but we knew. He pointed us in the
direction we needed to go and when we got to it he jumped in the water and
disappeared. When he came back up a few minutes later he had your shoulder in his
jaws and was struggling to the surface. The rest is a simple story of blind panic. I spent
five minutes trying to revive you and luckily got a pulse and you spluttered out some
water. You didn’t wake up but you were breathing. We got you here as fast as we could
on Kayla’s instructions. You damn near killed me my boy I was so worried.”
“This explains the
pain in my shoulder. What happened to Max?” Matthew asked.
“He’s fine, they wouldn’t let him in here, to his absolute distaste. He is waiting for you
though, I think you have a friend for life there son,” his Grandpa replied.
They spent the next half an hour discussing the extraction and getting everyone safely
to the compound. The pregnant lady, the kids, the babies and all the people in between
that were involved. Grahams footage and reporting was all over the news networks and
internet, accompanied by many other reports from around the world of other similar
events. The world as they knew it was over and the birth of a new one was taking place.
Matthew was left with one thought afterwards and one thought alone. What had
become of his friends? He needed to contact them, speak to them, let them know he
was okay, let them back in.
“I need to speak to my friends dad. Can I have some time alone?” he asked. There was a
slight pasue as the two men in his life exchanged smiles.
“That won’t be necessary my boy, Kayla arranged for you all to be here together. Your
friends arrive tomorrow morning,” his dad said.
The news filled Matthew with joy.