“You better get yourself under control my boy. The colours you give off are a dead
giveaway. Lucky for you not everyone has as gifted eyes as you.” Kayla tucked into a
plate of sardines and some paw-paw.
“What do you mean?” I
asked whilst stuffing my face with some steamed fish that was
unbelievably tasty. It was a pure and delicious experience.
“Most of us here can see the colours on a very general level and we can see very intense
emotion in groups or events. You and I and
a few others can see it down to a very
detailed level, even if someone is just sleeping. Kim has other gifts but not this one, so
you are in the clear for now while you sort through the feelings you have for her.” She
plopped a few sardines into her beaky
mouth and let out a gentle squawk of joy.
“Those of us who have the gift of sight also have the ability to control our own colour
and emotions to such an extent that we can change our surroundings and also the mood
of the people within those surroundings. You know this on a deep level Matthew.” Kayla
was very matter of fact and this helped me to grasp what she was saying.
I knew what she was saying. There were many times, especially at school where I would
get into a very strong emotional state and then the whole group of friends I was playing
with would end up copying what I was feeling. Unfortunately it was usually when I was
angry or frustrated or even scared and then the whole situation would deteriorate into
some kind of fight or nasty event. I knew at a deep level that I had something to do with
it. I tried to deny it was me and that I had anything to do with it but I knew. I could feel
my feelings being left in a place. There were pockets of me all over the school, just
thinking like this made me feel slightly insane sometimes, no one knew or understood.
“Without the proper training your gift is a hindrance and will just cause you to isolate
yourself my boy, as you have done so many times.” She was right, because of the affect