of my strong feelings I tended to move away from crowds at school in fear of causing
“You’re not insane and I understand, many of us do, it is why we have brought you and
the others here. The food tastes so good by the way because we don’t add anything to
“Okay, how are you doing that, I didn’t even say anything, it’s as if you are in my head!”
“It’s one of the effects of the gift when you learn to use it, those of us who have the
sight can learn to hear each other’s thoughts, we also learn how to stop others from
entering into our thoughts if we don’t want them there. Lucky for me you don’t know
how to do that yet.” She winked at me.
PART 1: Chapter 5
I have always been known for my stubborn streak, especially with mom, and I was not
about to let Kayla
into my head without at least trying to get into hers. I sat and chewed
my food for a few seconds, looking around so as to throw off any suspicion as to my
intention and then turned my focus to Kayla. I didn’t quite know what to do but my gut
told me to focus on the colour around her head. It was a light blue and it swirled around
the more I stared at it.
The swirls grew more and more frantic and began to break off into smaller swirls
attached by a very slight cord of light to each other. As my focus turned to each small
swirl the colours took the shape of letters, these letters danced around Kayla’s head,
dozens of them moved around without any pattern, they just moved and changed
places with each other. Some of the letters were bold and some were feint.
There was a