sense of order to the movement now, some of the letters joined and a few words
started to appear.
I focused on the words as they appeared and as I did so I could hear the word echo in
my head in a dull unfamiliar voice, it was definitely not my voice. I closed my eyes to
concentrate on the voice and as I did so it disappeared. As soon as my eyes opened it
was there again.
I did this a few times just to test and it seemed that the voice only appeared when I
could see the colours. I focused more on the words. There was a sense of urgency about
the formation now. The letters assembled into words a lot faster and as soon as they
were formed and recognisable they would dissolve and make way for new words. At
first I only picked up snippets. “Jet” and “get it” and “nuisance”, but now I could sense a
full sentence coming on, the words were there and they ordered themselves perfectly
as I looked.
“Don’t think this makes you special, you still need to learn to feel the colour, that way
you won’t need to see it to hear me. Now stop it, your mouth is hanging open and you
look like a fool.” The whole thing caught me off guard. Kayla looked straight into my
eyes without saying anything out loud but speaking in a voice clearer than day right in
the centre of
my head. The dull unfamiliar voice was now clearly Kayla’s voice. This was
amazing. A side affect however must have been a blank look on my face, I wouldn’t have
been surprised if I was drooling down the side of my chin.
“Are you alright?” asked Kim, “it
looks as if you have seen a ghost.” I quickly shook it off
and looked at Kim, she had a nice peaceful green emanating from her.
“I am fine” I said “just a little in shock still, about all that has happened today. How are
you feeling?” I asked, hoping to get a bit of her attention.