“I am also feeling a bit shaky, this is John and Phillip” she said a little louder so they
would hear her and focus on the conversation. “They came in with their Aunt yesterday.”
They both looked a little older than Kim and I and they were giving off the purple hue
and it was very much connected between the two of them.
“Heya, I’m Phillip, nice to meet ya,” he had an accent I was not to familiar with.
“And I’m John yeah, nice to meet ya
too.” I shook hands with each of them, as I did so I
immediately knew we would be friends and the edge I had felt earlier faded away.
“We’re from Australia, our Aunt does a lot of conservation work round these parts and
she practically begged us to come with her, I guess now we know why hey?” Phillip said
letting out a loud laugh, John joined in.
“We’ve always been fascinated with her work back home with crocs and whenever we
can we help her at the ranch where she helps nurse sick animals and the like back to
health.” John spoke with a passion that lit up his eyes. “Phillip and I have a real knack
with crocs and other wild animals,” he said with a huge smile on his face.
“We always thought it was because of the way Aunt Molly taught us but according to
Mick here,” Phillip nodded at the Pelican sitting next to him, “it’s a gift, who knew.” He
tucked into some fresh watermelon as if it was the first time he had ever tasted fruit.
I looked over at Mick and felt embarrassed that I had not recognised him. I blinked a
couple of times as letters and words formed around his head in a silver colour, a lot
quicker than before with Kayla.
“Don’t worry about it my boy, you can hardly be expected to be
aware of all your
surroundings after all you have been through today,” the words echoed in my head and