it was obvious that Mick too had the gift of sight. “Most of us do my boy, and by that I
mean most of us who teach have the gift of sight, and a few others you do not know
about,” he winked at me.
Through all of this new discovery and commotion I had been eating bits of food that
appeared before me, the serving Pelicans were very good at going about their business
in an almost unseen way, very good at it indeed. In front of me was a series of fresh
fruits and a thick creamy liquid that looked like a mixture of milk, whipped cream and
custard. I ate it without hesitation, it was delicious. Kim, John and Phillip had also tucked
in and by the silence that fell it was clear that they too were enjoying the treat.
After two helpings I leant back in my chair, my stomach full, uncomfortably so. I looked
up at the sky line. What I saw took my breath away. I had never seen stars like this in my
entire life. It was
“Lovely isn’t it?” John asked. “We noticed it last night.”
Kim let out a sigh of wonder as she followed suit on the opposite side of the table. As I
stared up the sound of the waves rumbling against the shore had a hypnotic affect on
me and I slipped into a wakeful dream. Without realising it I was leaning back in my
chair, balancing on the two hind legs, further and further back until I fell onto the soft
sand. I let out a loud laugh which turned into a giggle. I could not believe just how
heart was singing with joy at the magnificent sight of the stars as they stretched across
the sky in a band of colour and wonder.
The others let out a laugh as well. I made no attempt to move and if I was not
interrupted by a messenger Pelican swooping in I would have happily spent the rest of
the night in that spot staring up at the sky. The Pelican whispered something to Kayla
and then flew off as quickly as it had arrived.