“Your parents,” she nodded to Kim and I “and your Aunt,” she nodded to John and
Phillip “have not joined us as they wished to attend an early debriefing.” I had forgotten
that Dad and George were supposed to join us at the feast table. “I am to inform you
that they will be working late into the night and you are to be shown to your
accommodations. You four will begin your training in the morning. Now up and follow
me, come on, let’s go.” She gave us no time to absorb the word “training”.
We were up and after her as quick as a flash. As we hurried after her I realised just how
tired I was. I looked over at Kim and she was yawning. My limbs grew heavy and my
eyes started to feel heavy, the weight of the day’s activities fell fully onto my shoulders.
“Nearly there, keep going” I heard Kayla say in the distance on my hearing, I trudged on
feeling with each step my tiredness grew.
After what felt like a lifetime we came to a halt in front of two cabins joined in the
middle. “Boys to the right and girls to the left” Kayla ordered. John and Phillip were
already opening the door before Kayla had finished speaking. “You two show Matthew
to the empty bed, I will see to Kim, see you in the morning.”
I entered through the door into a spacious living area with three half rooms running off
in different directions from the middle.
“You take the one on the left there Matthew,’ said John, “and be sure to put the
mosquito net down or you won’t be getting much sleep, no matter how tired you are”.
The room was lit by a dim candle and just above the head of the spacious bed was a
large open window that let the fresh air in with the sound of the waves crashing in the
distance. On the bed was a set of long white pyjama pants and a white tee shirt. I
quickly dressed in the fresh clothes and got onto the bed. The net hung from above and