a tug on the string it came tumbling down. I arranged it so that it hung over the
entire bed and slipped under the white sheet. The candle was close to burning out and
the light got dimmer and dimmer. I lay on my side and stared at it for a little while,
dozing until I fell into a very deep sleep.
I dreamt of talking Pelicans and strange colours forming into words. I dreamt of talking
trees and large groups of people gathering to witness huge events I could not see. Every
time I tried to push through the crowd to see what was happening I would get blocked
off or steered in the opposite direction. It frustrated me and I could feel the anger well
up inside. This happened a few times before I woke up to the sound of chirping birds
and giggling girls.
Chapter 6
The sunlight streamed in through the open window above the bed. Between the folds of
the mosquito net I could see Kayla perched atop the back of a wicker couch in the living
area where she was brushing Kim’s hair and whispering something into her ear that
caused her to giggle. The mere sound of her voice was enough to set me into colour
mode and I could feel the red flow out of me in her direction. Before I could control
myself I hear Kayla clear her throat and say “nice to see you are up Matt, why don’t you
come and get some breakfast?”
I hastily fixed my hair as best I could and straightened up as much as was possible
before exiting the net cocoon and proceeding into the living area. Kim had a brilliant
azure blue about her that was breathtaking, I smiled at her and tried not to give away
what I was seeing. “Morning sunshine,” she smiled back, “did you sleep well?”
“Yes thank you, how about you?” I moved to the couch next to hers which sat in such a
way that I could see out the patio door and took in a fantastic early morning landscape.