“I slept like a log, except I did leave a corner of my net open by accident.” She pulled up
the sleeve on her right arm to reveal a series of lumpy painful looking mosquito bites.
“At least it happened early this morning, so I did not lose too much sleep.” She turned
her attention back to Kayla who was brushing gently. She looked like she was in a state
of hypnosis as her head went back and forth with the brush.
On the coffee table in front of me was a selection of fresh fruit, some yogurt and a
couple of bowls of cereal. Orange juice and milk made up the contents of the two jugs
on the table. I helped myself to a bowl of chocolate rice cereal and some orange juice. I
sat back and ate staring at the fabulous landscape in front of me. The waves crashing on
the shore in the distance was very soothing. I sat staring and slowly eating for what felt
like forever when John and Phillip startled me. “Morning sonny Jim!” they both yelled
from behind my left ear. Luckily my cereal was already finished.
“Geez, you guys gave me a heart attack!” I expressed. Kim was startled as well. Kayla on
the other hand was as calm as a cucumber. In a mother superior tone she said “that’s
quite enough you two, come have some breakfast I have something to tell you all.” John
and Phillip moved around and sat on the couch next to me, grabbing and eating as if
they had been starved for days.
Kayla had moved and now stood in front of the four of us. “Last night I told you that we
will start your training today, each of you will have your specific talents, which you are
all aware of now. You are able to access most of the talents available to us all, but these
are your strong points and the ones that you were born to use. John and Phillip possess
the ability to talk to animals. Kim you are able to move and work with energy fields as if
they were physical objects that could be moved or sculpted. And Matthew is able to see
and communicate via energy strings. Today we will connect you to your group and you
will focus on learning more about your abilities.”