The four of us were smiling at each other, we were in one of our own little clubs, the
kind you only read about in books or see on television. We were all thinking the same
thing, we wanted to see
each other’s abilities in action. Kayla obviously also knew
exactly what we were thinking. “There will be plenty of time for that later. What I want
you to do now is to clean up your living areas, eat enough, freshen up and meet us on
the beach where we ate last night, are we clear?”
“Yes ma’am,” we all said in unison.
“Good, you have one hour, I suggest you get a move on,” she bobbed out the cabin and
flew off towards the beach.
John was the first one to break the silence. “Oh boy, this is exciting, don’t you think? I
thought it was just us that had some sort of ability but now it looks as if everyone on the
island has something they can do.” He stood up, Phillip followed suit.
“I know, it’s awesome, like characters out of a movie or a book,” said Phillip, they were
both giddy with excitement. I was too but I tried to play it cool in front of Kim.
“How did you find out about yours Kim, Matthew?” asked Phillip, but before either of us
could answer he said “John and I were at Aunt Molly’s farm a couple of weeks ago and
she left us in charge of this brute of a crocodile name ‘RAW HIDE’ who likes to break
through his fenced off enclosure sometimes.”
“What?” exclaimed Kim, “two young
boys are supposed to stop a crocodile from
escaping, is she mad?”
“Oh, no worries Kim, RAW HIDE lost is bottom jaw to poachers when he was younger,
he is as tame as can be because we have to feed him you see. He learnt early on that if