he wanted to eat he
needed human help. Over the years he’s become a brute of a
puppy dog, although we are well aware he has natural instincts that can kick in and he
can still kill if he wants.”
“Yeah, he just can’t eat ya,” laughed John. “Anyway, we were lounging about that day, it
was a blister and the heat just took it out of us so we decided to lay under the shade of
the big willow on the bank of the river running into the enclosure.” I found myself
enthralled in their story, it was very exciting. Kim and I were both on the edge of the
couch listening intently.
“I kept hearing mumbling and thought it was John.”
“Yeah and I heard it too and thought it was Phil. Turns out it was neither of us. When we
realised it wasn’t coming from us we decided to investigate a little. At first it was very
faint, but as we walked around and pin pointed its general direction we were able to
track the sound coming from the enclosure.”
“Neither John or I had ever been too close to RAW HIDE without Aunt Molly or her staff
being about. If he got loose we would normally just track him until the main house could
be contacted from the radio shack. But this was a little different, we were going to RAW
HIDE, he was not trying to get away from us.”
“We were too intrigued though, the sound was definitely a voice and we just couldn’t
believe that someone would be in the enclosure, we would have seen them.”
“Phil and I were sure that the voice was coming from the brick shelter on the bank of
the stream from the river that ran through the enclosure, the very same shelter that
RAW HIDE was in. We decided to cross the stream and approach the enclosure from the
far bank.”