“It’s what happened next that ripped us into movement. A huge rumbling, jolly sounding
laugh came from the enclosure. John and I instinctively knew it’s the kind of laugh that
would come from a croc, if they could laugh.”
“As quick as we could we made tracks out the water back to the far bank as if a whole
bask of crocodiles was after us. Phil heard the words first, I was still running up the bank
just in case,” smiled John.
“Yep, that’s right, the words, much like those of the Plover, have been imprinted on my
brain forever,” Phil had a massive smile while he paused for dramatic affect.
“Well, come one then! What did the voice say?” shrilled Kim, throwing a pillow at Phil.
“It was more laughter then saying actually, the voice laughed ‘don’t worry boys, count
your blessings it wasn’t you in the firing line! Now go tell your Aunt I am all cleaned up
and could use some crushed mint leaf rub and a snack! Ha hahahahahaha.’
Kim and I looked at each other, not quite sure whether or not to believe the story.
“It’s all true lady and gentleman,” John assured us. “We didn’t even think, we ran
straight up to the radio shack and stumbled over our words to get Aunt Molly down to
us right away. I don’t think we made much sense to anyone who was listening, but it
worked because a few minutes later she arrived with a bucket of meat and a sack of
crushed mint leaves.”
“And all this happened a couple of weeks ago?” I asked.
“Exactly,” said Phil, “so it’s all new to us. We have been with Aunt Molly since then,
engaging with RAW HIDE and a few more Plovers but not much else. It’s very difficult to