hear animals and insects who do not want you to understand them. We have been
pestering her for more information but all we got was the ‘all in good time boys’
“When she told us we were going on a trip with her into Africa we stopped pestering her.
She comes here every couple of months to work with the local parks and communities
to help set up sustainable conservation programmes,” explained John.
“I guess that’s why we are part of this crowd of Pelican’s, and not any from back home,”
Phil commented as he reached for a peach off the table and took a big bite. “Now it’s
your turn,” he said with a mouth full of juicy peach that muffled
his words. “How about
you Kim? What’s the deal with the energy stuff?”
“Why don’t I just show you instead?” she winked. She put both hands palm down on her
knees and closed her eyes. John, Phil and I looked at each other, not too sure what to
expect, we were still carrying with us that giddy feeling we had earlier.
At first I thought I was just nervous but as the minutes ticked by and Kim sat in the same
position I began to feel a tug in my stomach and chest region, very gentle and smooth. I
probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it but with the situation as it was I was
definitely more aware of the space around me and what was happening.
Kim opened her eyes and looked around, she did not move her body, only her head and
her eyes, her features remaining focused and serious. I looked over at John and Phil who
were both looking down at their own chests obviously feeling the same as I did. They
met my gaze and gave a slight shrug of the shoulders as if to say ‘what’s the big deal?’
That must have been Kim’s cue.