Without warning the room became very dark to me. I thought it was just my
imagination but the change progressed until the inside of the room felt like there was a
huge storm brewing outside. The more I tried to concentrate on finding the sunlight in
the room the harder the tug on my chest and stomach became.
Kim spoke very slowly and with purpose. “We need to take the words of Kayla very
seriously. It is imperative that we do as she says for the good of all concerned.” As her
final word was spoken I could feel my entire body vibrate in agreement. I had a very
strong urge to follow Kayla’s instructions as perfectly as I could, as if my life and the fate
of the world depended on it. It gave me quite a fright that she had this capability. I
struggled with the feeling the same way I would wrestle with a wet shirt in a swimming
pool. I eventually got it off, but not without huffing and puffing from the effort and
feeling claustrophobically frustrated.
“I can’t hold it when there is awareness as to what is happening,” Kim said “and neither
can I do anything that goes against what I believe, so I could never use this to hurt
anyone or anything. The best way to explain it is that it is a sort of energy field hypnosis,
at least that what my Dad calls it.” All three of us were still red faced from the effort of
breaking the hypnosis. “I can also use it to lighten the mood, do you want to see?”
“NO NONO,” we all exclaimed at once, neither one of us wanting to feel out of control
again. Kim let out a giggle and relaxed her posture. We were all sufficiently impressed
with her ability. “I have been able to do it for as long as I can remember, but I have
never been in a situation where I have had to use it seriously. I suppose that is all about
to change.” Her face looked trouble for a moment. “How about you Matthew?” The
question took me by surprise. I nearly choked on the orange juice I was sipping.
PART 1: Chapter 7
“Well mine is sort of new I guess. I have always been able to leave bits of myself
wherever I go. This has made my life difficult sometimes because it is very strong when I