am angry or upset. I think that it was just to show me that I am connected to everything
and that everything is connected to me, if you know what I mean?”
They all nodded in agreement, I was definitely talking amongst peers and that made me
feel a lot more at ease. “Yesterday I saw the colour of that connection between us all for
the first time as it was meant to be. We all carry our energy in colour and I can see it. I
also know in my heart of hearts that it is what connects us all, or it is connected to what
connects us all” I could tell from their faces that they were not that impressed, but they
were being very polite about it.
“That’s really cool” said Kim in a little too fake a tone. She realised it. “Sorry” she looked
down at the floor.
“That’s OK,” I smiled. “I can also read the minds of people and creatures that are
connected to it.” There was a slight pause and then Phil and John exclaimed “COOL!” at
the same time. I couldn’t help but smile. “I know. It really is, I wish I could show you but
Kayla said I can only do it with those who are the same, for now. Kim was still looking at
the floor. She looked deep in thought.
“Wait a minute,” she said, “I saw those colours.” She stood up and walked over to me.
“So?” I asked, backing away slightly.
“So…….that means you should be able to read my mind!” She looked very excited.
“What am I thinking?”
“I am not too sure Kim,” I told her, “but I can try and we can see if it works. Did you two
see the colours as well yesterday?” I asked Phil and John.