“A little mate, but by the sounds of things not as intense as you two did. Our focus is
more in tune with the sounds around us.” Phil nodded in agreement with John.
I turned my focus back to Kim and looked around her head for any telltale signs of the
magic words. There was a pale yellow colour emanating from her, in fact it was
emanating from all of us as we were very in tune with each other. The swirls were
breaking off as per usual and starting form up in what I assumed would be words. Only
this time they were in a shape or in words I could not make any sense of. I looked at Kim,
puzzled by what I saw.
“I can see the shapes and usually they are words and they would sound off in my head
and make way for new ones but this is different. I don’t recognise any of the words or
shapes and probably because of that they just keep collecting until I can’t make sense of
anything.” I blinked hard and looked again, the colour had reset and the shapes were
forming again, none of them making way as I couldn’t release them with my
understanding. I tried a few more times and each time it got to a certain point and
reset when I blinked. I think I had just had my first self-taught lesson.
Kim was smiling. “I have to learn how to do that,” she giggled. “I was thinking in French
which will account for the words you don’t understand but as for the shapes……….”
“Shhhhhh,’ I interrupted. The familiar voice of Kayla was smack bang in the middle of my
“I told you lot to get ready. Not to bugger about and play show and tell.” She sounded a
little irritated. “I am
irritated, but you did learn a valuable lesson, well done. The shapes,
by the way, are parts of a thought you are not supposed to interpret by design. You
have five minutes left, now get ready and get down to the beach ASAP!” She sounded
off loudly.