“Kayla says we need to hurry, we have five minutes.” There was a moment of silence
when everyone looked at their watches. Thereafter it was a flurry of activity, making
beds, throwing on fresh clothes, grabbing the last pieces of fruit, giving the place one
last look and then with an apple jammed in my mouth and trying to close the sliding
door with my shirt over my arms. Kim came to the rescue, Phil and John were already
racing each other down the path past the amphitheatre to the beach.
Kim closed the door and said “I still don’t know what the symbols you saw are, it’s
puzzling me, I was thinking in French but not in shapes, it’s quite peculiar.”
“Oh that,” I said casually, “those were parts of your thought I am not supposed to see,
by design.” I started to walk briskly down the path, waiting for her to snap out
of the
thought and catch up. I laughed a little. “Don’t worry about me being too clever, Kayla
told me, she was in my head when I shushed you all.”
“I gathered as much,” she smiled as she got next to me. I tried to look her in the eyes
but she kept her head down and sped past, she even looked as if she was blushing. It
confused me. I hurried along and we caught up with Phil and John who were standing in
the shade of the eating area talking to their Aunt. The tables and chairs had been
cleared away. To our
surprise there were pockets of other people as well, all of whom
were also waiting for instruction. I saw Dad at the back standing with George and some
other adults. I ran up to him and he gave me a big hug, I didn’t realise how much I had
missed him over
the past few hours.
“Hey kiddo, how you holding up?” he had that familiar smile on his face that made
everything okay.