“All good Dad, you won’t believe what’s been happening! I have so much to tell you.” I
was really excited and wanted to tell him everything that had happened the night
before and this morning. He put both hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes.
“Kayla filled me in on your gift my boy, hope that doesn’t ruin what you want to tell me.
I still want to hear how you discovered it though, but for now you have to listen out for
your instructions. I need to know something from you.” He had that whole serious thing
going on around his eyes and his colour was a deep rich violet.
Before he could speak I looked at him and said, “Yes Dad, I am okay. It’s been very
chaotic over the past day and my mind is still trying to make sense of it all. But my heart
knows that this is real and something inside me recognises what we are doing here, it’s
as if I am remembering. So yes, I want to stay and
see this through. like you always say
Dad, I commit to this and today I won’t change my mind.” I gave him a huge hug and
could see a single tear running down his check. Dad had always told me that he trusted
me, I knew that I could make decisions and for some reason this felt very important
even though my mind kept telling me how so very young I was.
“You better go stand in front with your friends then my boy. I will see you later, George
and I will be receiving our instruction today regarding what we need to do when we go
back home.” I looked over at George who was busy talking with Kim. “We will also call
your mother and sister later so you can say hi, just remember to keep all this under your
hat for now, no matter how much you want to tell her.”
I laughed. “Can you imagine how much trouble you would be in Dad, she would clobber
you.” I thought this was funny but Dad had a bit of a concerned look. “I promise Dad,
not a word, even to Caitlin.” I smiled and walked with Kim to John and Phil who were
standing at the front of the small crowd where Kayla and a few other Pelicans had
gathered. A hush fell and we all turned our attention to the Pelicans.