me promise that she could come with next time. I went down on my knees and I did
promise her that the next time we would take her with, as if I were the planner of all
trips ever.
In true little sister style she looked me in the eyes and said “good, but you can’t come
with when Daddy takes me on holiday to see the ballet, it’s for girls and Daddy’s only”.
Then she smiled and ran up to the gate to see Dad. I walked slowly because I knew she
would give Dad a hard time and try wrangle some extra items from him out of guilt,
although he was a tough cookie and always presented a no nonsense front which was
extremely tough to get through.
As I approached the last few metres to the car I could hear mom giving Dad some safety
instructions, bless him, he showed a lot of patience, mom could be a bit overbearing
sometimes, but it was always from a place of love. I said my goodbyes and paused as I
climbed into the car, one foot in and one foot out and took a mental photograph of
what can only be described as a perfect moment.
And with that we were off. Dad had packed some signature car snacks and loaded some
of my favourite music in the car for the long drive. I asked him how far it was and what I
got was “twice as far as the longest drive you have ever been on”. After we had
navigated past the “how was your week?” series of questions we settled into a
comfortable silence for a long while.
It was midday and the temperature in the car was perfect for dozing, which I duly did
and thoroughly enjoyed. I roused from my doze as the car pulled into a petrol station, I
could see the sun was beginning to set and the sky was turning that beautiful
African orange. After filling up the car we travelled for another hour before we got to a
border gate know as Ponta da Ouro. This place may be familiar to you, but to me, it was
brand new. It was sweltering hot as the car pulled up to the inspection area. Dad and I