“Once your name has been called, please follow your instructor in a quiet and orderly
fashion,” said a burly male Pelican who was all about order. The names were called very
quickly I nearly didn’t catch mine when it was called out. I was glad to see that all four of
us were in the same group. We numbered about ten and were to follow Kayla down the
beach towards the point in the distance. The four of us walked together very excited
about starting our instruction. It had turned particularly hot and I could feel the sun
burning the back of my neck. Kim must have noticed and pulled out some sun block
from a small bag she was carrying.
“You sure are prepared Kim,” I said, gratefully taking the sun block and applying
generous amounts everywhere. Even John and Phil used some even though they were
naturally brown.
“Sure is a belter today,” John muttered to Phil
“Sure is bro.”
It took us about 15 minutes to get to the point with its rocks reaching out towards the
bright blue ocean. The high side was very high, with large sand embankments coming up
all around. Kayla hopped up the embankment to a rocky area covered in
vegetation. She moved some of the overhanging plants aside with her wing to reveal the
entrance to a cave. “Well come on then, I don’t have all day,” she said.
We went inside into an open cavern area big enough to seat all of us comfortably. The
ceiling was low around the outer edges of the cavern but rose up to the centre where a
small opening at the top let in a single ray of sun down to the floor. There was a pile of
very fine white sand at the bottom directly beneath the opening and I could see tiny
specks of sand dropping down, almost as if they were floating on the shaft of light
before they came to rest at the top of the pile.