There were wooden logs all round the edge. There was only one entrance and exit to
the cavern. We took up seats on the logs, some of the roots from the vegetation above
had grown through the walls and it looked amazing. Down the left wall was a solid green
blanket of moss that had grown around a single stream of trickling water which flowed
down the wall into a small rock pool at the floor of the wall.
We were all pretty nervous as to what was going to happen, the whole place looked a
little unreal. It was something out of a movie where the Indian tribe would meet and
chant and decide on who will go forth and gather the
buffalo for the winter. We all sat
together in anticipation as Kayla stood in the middle of us and looked at each one of us
in the eyes.
“You have all been brought here because you have a special gift. Gifts that can help the
world get through the trying
times that lie ahead. You have also been brought here at
your own request, something you committed to before you chose to be born as you are.”
I had no idea what she was talking about, I thought I was coming on holiday with my
father. There was a strange urge within me though that begged to differ. It was one of
those deep level thoughts and ideas that I knew I would not be able to figure out or
make sense of, so I just left it. I felt pleased at that, just leaving it seemed to be the right
thing to do. Kayla continued her address to us.
“You all have an idea as to what it is that you can do, I know some of you have been
showing off a little.” If she had worn glasses this would be the moment where she would
pause for dramatic effect, look our way and leer at us over the top of here spectacles.
Even without the glasses she still managed to pull the whole admonishing-of-naughty-
school-children thing off very well.
“In a moment you will be paired off with someone who has precisely the same gift as
you. I would like to inform you first though that in a way you all do have the same type