of gift. Your abilities are all to do with communication and messaging.” There was a
murmur amongst everyone as if we had all just realized what was right in front of us all
the time. It was fairly obvious when I compared the ability of the four of us that Kayla
was speaking the truth.
“Because of this we are all connected in a stronger way than every single person or
thing, we are a group within the larger group of all things and our group can
communicate within itself strongly and with purpose. It is for this reason that we are
here in this holy place,” she gestured around the cavern with her wings spread wide.
“We are here to set your frequency so that you may begin the process of joining your
energies and merging at a deeper level with your group. Some of you might be
wondering what is going on, this may all seem a little too foreign for you or you might
have trouble believing it all. This is perfectly natural.
“The great thing is we don’t need for you to know how it works, we just need your
permission to do the job.” She went around the room and asked each of us directly for
our permission to set our frequency to resonate with the group. Every single one of us
agreed, some
out loud and some with a simple nod. When she was done we were all
instructed to sit, close our eyes and hum a simple three level tune given to us.
At first it was a little embarrassing, but as time passed it became easier to join in with
the rest of the
group. Eventually after about ten minutes we had a wonderful sounding
and extremely synchronized tune that seemed to carry itself around the cavern with no
effort from anyone. In fact I thought that if we all stopped humming it would continue
without us. Kayla interrupted before any of us could try the theory out.
“Keep going, easy and free, feel the sound and connect to it, float with it, get inside it
and listen with your heart.” I could feel someone behind me. I stopped humming and