turned to see who it
was, but as much as I tried I couldn’t turn to see, something was
stopping me. After a few attempts I gave up and found myself humming again,
peacefully and content. I felt the presence behind me move. After a few moments
passed I noticed a single pelican
moving behind each person in turn.
I could also see that they too felt his presence and tried to turn but could not. After we
had all been visited by this Pelican, Kayla instructed us to close our eyes again and
increase the intensity of our humming.
Something strange was happening. Even though my eyes were closed it was as if I could
see through my eyelids. The people around me were bright balls of light and I was able
to make out the shapes of their bodies. I started to feel very light as well and after a few
moments felt as if I was hovering a few metres off the ground and started to move off to
the left in a slow circle. My natural instinct was to fight the feeling because I felt out of
control but a strong voice kept me focused, instructing me to keep humming and move
with the rhythm.
After what felt like moving around in two full circles I found that I could open my eyes
and was sitting in the exact same place I had been all along. Everyone else had the same
feeling, I knew this because I could feel what they were feeling.
“You will all be feeling the same thing for the next couple of minutes because you are all
connected at a very core level, you will be back to normal after that, do not panic I will
explain the reason for all this as soon as it passes.” Kayla moved out of the centre of the
circle and off to the side where she spoke in a hushed voice to the older Pelican. It was a
conversation that looked much like a student talking to a teacher.
I looked over to the others. “What can you guys feel?” I whispered. “I feel a feeling of