“Me too” said Kim.
“And us” replied John and Phil.
“I am excited but what I feel I definitely know is coming from all of us, it’s weird. I bet if
we tried we would be able to pinpoint the general feeling down to specific people.” I
said this without thinking and before I knew it my eyes were closed and I was turning my
attention to the warm swell of emotion sitting in my stomach. I started to sift through
the mass of compounded emotion and located what I
saw as a single golden strand. Like
a cat and a piece of string I followed the strand and felt my focus move from my
stomach area to the middle of the cavern.
I opened my eyes and sensed more than saw a disturbance in the air that I instinctively
knew to
be the energy string and followed it to a plumpish looking boy directly across
from me. I followed the string directly into his chest and immediately felt his own
personal excitement and some other very specific feelings of wonder and awe as well.
He turned to talk to a girl sitting next to him and I could feel his heart racing as he
expressed to her his anticipation as to what would happen next. I knew that if I focused
hard enough I would feel her specific feelings too. Before I could do this though a voice
behind my right ear startled me. It startled the others too because we had no idea there
was someone behind us.
“Young man, don’t you know it is rude to eves drop?” The question came from the
elderly pelican that had moved lightning quick and silently
to stand in front of me. “The
effects of the connection would have worn off by now, tell me, can you still locate the
energy strings as you have just done? Could you locate mine if you focused hard
enough?” To me this was less of a question and more of an