“I can try sir” I answered as respectfully as I could. I could feel the attention of the rest
of the group slowly turn to me and the pelican in front of me. I closed my eyes and
refocused my attention on the energy mass in my stomach. The feeling was a lot
dimmer than before, but it was still there. I sifted through the mass until I located a
string that I instinctively knew to be that of the Pelican before me. It was a dark green
colour and I followed it out, opened my eyes and stopped short
of following it into his
chest. My hesitation caused the pelican to smile.
“Skill and respect, you shall do very well my child, very well indeed,” he smiled at me.
“You may come with me now.”
I looked over at Kayla who was standing next to him,
she nodded at me to go with. I
followed him as he led me through the circle and out the cave entrance back onto the
golden sand. I felt that I had entered into a space in my mind that was without doubt
and without hesitation. I followed because I knew that was what I was supposed to do.
We walked out to the left of the point which took us further away from the direction of
the cavern and the direction from which we came.
The vegetation became denser as we moved up the beach and away from the water.
but surely we came to a dense path leading inland that you would not know was
there unless you knew exactly where to look. We ended up in a small clearing similar to
the one we first arrived in the day before. I walked behind him all the way because I
knew that to show respect was very important, completely important in fact. He came
to rest in the middle of the clearing and sat down on the soft leaves that had fallen from
the surrounding trees. Enough sunlight was filtering through the branches that the
slanted beams of light falling around us added to the almost magical atmosphere.
“You may call me Suriyan.” The words formed around his head in bright silver chrome
lettering, although it felt very much that I heard them before I saw them. “You did,”