came the response. “And before you ask as to why this is, let me tell you.” Suriyan had a
deep and purposeful voice and his speech was deliberate and aged.
“I am showing you the words as you have come to know this gift of yours so that you
may strengthen your
ability. It is like a muscle and you need to exercise it and use all of
it to derive the most benefit, even when it feels that you do not need to or that there
might be a quicker way. In fact this will be your first lesson since you are so preoccupied
with time. Sit down and sit still.”
The instruction was not the kind I was about to ignore, so I sat quickly on the spot.
Suriyan let out a rough sound from his throat as if I had done something wrong. Time
dragged by and I was waiting for him to speak, but
as the seconds ticked by nothing
came. I even tried prompting with some basic “what now?” questions but still, no
answer. After about ten minutes we had passed the uncomfortable silence and I was
now beginning to wonder about other things. A few more moments passed and my
behind had become totally numb and I could no longer sit in the same position. I had to
move and in doing so realised that the position I was in was not the most comfortable.
“Do you see what the problem is?” Suriyan asked me. I had tried to move as quietly as
“I am not sure I understand sir” I replied, genuinely a little confused.
“Do you see that your concerns around time have led to your current discomfort? Do
you see that I told you only to sit down and sit still but your fear of my tone led you to
act quickly and choose poorly? Had you considered the instruction more carefully you
would have been able to find a better seating position and area.