This would have led to you being able to carry out the instruction better than you
currently are. Do you see this child?”
It was a whole hell of a lot to take in but what I did get out of it was to find a more
comfortable way to sit so that I could do it for longer. I moved to a nearby log and found
a worn out piece that was a natural carved seat. I nestled into it and my feet hung down
and touched the ground lightly which was very comfortable. Now that I was here I
started to consider what Suriyan said. I did not understand all of them and wished I
could hear them again. Without
even a moment’s hesitation the words he spoke
reappeared just off to the side of his head, a little more faded and not as large. They
echoed in my own voice as a softer whisper.
“The more you recall words the softer they become until they have completely faded.
You are well talented child. The question remains, do you see the truth in my words?”
Suriyan asked.
“I do sir” I replied.
“Good. Now sit still and be quiet.”
Now that I was more comfortable I was able to stop fidgeting after a few moments and
sat still. I looked at Suriyan for any signs of communication but did not see any. My mind
was full of wonder and anticipation and thoughts were flying wildly about.
I not say to be quiet as well?” asked Suriyan, out loud this time.
“Sorry sir,” I responded. I immediately closed my eyes and focused my attention on
keeping my mind quiet.