“If you do that,” Suriyan's words echoed in my head, “then the thoughts will only grow
stronger. Instead of forcing your mind to be quiet rather try to observe the next thought
that comes into your head. You will find the thought cannot gain momentum as your
observation takes it place. Simple really.”
I tried this and to my surprise it worked very well. The more I tried to observe a specific
thought, the more it would fade away. My mind tried relentlessly to replace each
thought with a new one, but with persistence I got the hang of it and my mind became
still, very still indeed. I felt that a lot of time had probably passed, but I could not feel
time as my focus on the specific moment in front of me intensified.
“Now that you are still and quiet, I want you to listen, listen until you find the rhythm
and music in the world around you.” Suriyan also started to hum very softly. It was a
very subtle tune but it helped me with a point from which to start.
It was not too difficult to see what Suriyan was talking about. It wasn’t so much a tune
as it was just hearing for the first time since I was there the actual sounds of the world
around me. The slight breeze rustling through the trees.The various birds and their
chirping.The sound of the ocean crashing onto the rocks in the distance below us. Even
the sunlight that fell onto the lush floor around us seemed to have a sound to it. I could
hear and feel my heartbeat, my breathing, even the softer breathing of Suriyan as he
inhaled to continue his humming which had subsided so much I almost could not hear it.
I don’t know how long we sat there for but at one point I felt a strong pull on my
stomach region.
I knew instantly that the collective energy mass that I had been dialled into earlier in the
cavern was on the move. I could feel them moving back towards the main beach where
we ate the
night before. I withdrew my attention from them but I could still feel where