they were. I re-focused on the sounds around me. I was at ease, more at ease than I had
ever been.
There was no more noise and fear. I think that was what appealed to me the most. No
more fear. I had lived in fear for so long. So many types of fear about school and being
scolded by my parents to the fear of being hurt or made fun of. But here I felt no fear,
just quiet. I did not even feel the familiar fear of myself and me doing something wrong.
Nope. Here I knew I could be myself, I did not have to hide or retreat into a corner and
keep quiet. I was at ease. I could express myself in this state fully and it felt amazing. I
could feel the smile on my face.
“And that concludes your lesson for today my child, you may return to your group. You
do know where they are don’t you?” Suriyan said. I opened my eyes and nodded. To my
surprise the sun had begun to set and I felt the hunger in my stomach grow as I paid it
more attention. Without thinking I stopped paying attention to my hunger and returned
my attention to the sounds around me.
“It’s okay to do this in the short term my child but always make sure you listen to your
body when it talks to you. Take a banana from that tree up there and let us walk back.”
Suriyan stood and began to move back the way we came. The words were still appearing
around his head and I found that with practice they appeared and disappeared
noticeably quicker than before. I grabbed a couple of bananas and followed him.
I was holding the peels of the bananas as we walked back and before I could even
consider what to do with them Suriyan instructed me to throw them back to the earth
floor around an outcrop of banana trees so that it can provide nutrients for the next