The walk back to the beach was peaceful. I felt the sand between my toes and smelt the
fresh sea air as if it was the first time I had noticed them since I had arrived. The slight
heat of the suns energy radiating up from the sand was also very noticeable.
“Know that this feeling will fade, it is part of being human, do not get upset when this
happens. Instead smile and know that at any time you can reconnect by sitting still and
being quiet. I will leave you now. I will return when your next lesson is due.” Suriyan
took off like a shot, extremely quickly, he startled me.
“When will that be?” I called after him. The answer I got was “Now. All your lessons will
take place Now”, and then he was gone. I walked back to the group where everyone
was seated under the familiar thatch waiting for dinner. John moved over and I sat
between him and Phil. Kim sat opposite us with her familiar radiant smile. I remained
silent and tried not to make eye contact as I didn’t like the attention. There
were fresh
rolls, butter and jam on the table. I started on a roll as if nothing out of the ordinary had
“Oh for goodness sakes Matthew just tell us what happened!” Kim impatiently
exclaimed. I gave in and told them. I was aware that most of the people at the table who
were in our group directed many of their whispers at the four of us.
“What happened with you guys while I was with Suriyan?” I asked.
“Not much,” replied John, “we focused on our group connection in the same way you
did when you
spoke to Suriyan. It was just a little harder for some of us.” He looked over
at Phil who looked down at his plate. There was a slight uncomfortable silence.
“It takes practice, there are quite a few who didn’t get it right first time round,” Kim
reassured Phil. He looked up at her and eventually showed a little smile. “Apparently we