will be able to connect to each other over longer and longer distances the more we
practice so that by the time we leave we will be able to stay connected,” Kim said very
matter of factly.
“Any idea on what our group purpose is?” I asked.
“Not yet,” said John, as serving Pelicans arrived with another steaming selection of
seafood and various other dishes that blew my now very awake senses away. I must
have looked like a dork sniffing away and smiling like it was Christmas. The others let
out a giggle or two, I could feel Kim plugging in to my chest and feeling what I felt. She
just smiled and we all tucked in. John and Phil wowed us with more tales of their
adventures back home. It was another fantastic meal.
I felt at home with my new friends. Friends who heard the music of life, felt the way of
all things and me, who could understand things. This was what it felt like to belong to
the world. I didn’t realise how much I had
wanted this until I experienced it. I did not
know what I was missing until I remembered what it felt like to have it. I felt as if I was
waking up so that my dreams could come true.
Kayla and the other Pelican’s assigned to specific kids in our group herded us all off to
our sleeping quarters to prepare for bed. The four of us dragged out feet to our rooms,
the day’s activities wearing heavily upon our shoulders. Sleep was setting in quickly. We
settled in much the same way as the night before and even before I could get the net all
the way over my bed I felt as if I was about to pass out. I lay down, gave the net one last
look and hit the pillow. I was out in record time.
My dreams were disturbing to say the least. In one particularly haunting dream I was
under water trying to run towards someone who was calling for my help. I felt an
urgency within me but I just couldn’t move fast enough. I was weighed down by the