water and couldn’t move and eventually I was struggling to breathe. The claustrophobic
feeling was too much and I began to panic. I sat bolt upright in bed panting heavily with
sweat dripping down into my eyes. I was grateful that I could move freely and breathe.
It was still dark outside but I could tell that it was early morning, even one or two birds
were chirping sleepily as if they just woke up. I patted myself down with some of the
natural mosquito repellent next to my bed and moved into the lounge.
I grabbed a glass of pine cooldrink out of the fridge as quietly as I could. John and Phil
were snoring away in the background. I sat on the couch and brought my legs up to the
side and stared out into the darkness listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the
very gentle breeze on my skin. It was sort of hypnotic and I felt myself drift off into
daydream state. I was startled by a noise outside, someone was out there. I sat up and
moved cautiously to the deck and peered out to the right. Shadowed by the moon was
Kim, she was throwing stones into the sandy distance ahead of her. I watched her for a
“Couldn’t sleep either?” she asked me as she threw another stone.
“Bad dream” I replied. She was surprisingly aware.
“Me too,” she replied. I kept dreaming I was being thrown into an icy wall at great speed.
It was quite scary, I even woke up freezing,” she explained. I moved down to where she
was and started to throw some stones too. It was quite relaxing. We didn’t speak for a
while, we just stood there taking turns at throwing stones off into the darkness and
hearing the soft thud as they hit the sand.
“I’m not scared Matthew, is that weird? I mean I know that a lot of the things are going
to change.” She paused for a bit. I didn’t know if she wanted me to answer or not. “For