everyone, things are going to change for everyone, and all I feel is anxiety and some
excitement. Is that wrong?” I could tell she was looking at me.
I wanted to tell her whatever she needed to know so she could feel better. Instead I told
her the truth. “I don’t know Kim. I really don’t, but I can tell you that I am a little scared
and it is being drowned out by my feelings of excitement and I guess anxiety as well.”
The truth is I could feel it as a soft energy whisper with everyone in our group. It moved
slowly like the rolling waves of a gentle tide as most of us slept. Kim grabbed my hand in
the dark and held it tight.
“I feel it too Matthew.” She said, I could also feel her saying that we were all going to be
okay. We stood like that, hand in hand, silent, for what felt like a heavenly eternity. I
knew she could feel me and I could feel her and neither of us was trying to hide it. We
were just both very happy to be in each other’s company and very grateful that we were
not going through all of these emotions alone. “I won’t be able to sleep much more this
morning, do you want to go for a swim?” I asked her out of the blue. I even surprised
A soft darkness was still around but my eyes had grown used to it and saw her look up
at me and smile. She kissed me on the cheek and nodded. Before I could even get my
bearings she shot off towards the beach like a bullet. Oh it was on, I took off as well and
reeled her in a hundred metres from the shore. Kim was surprisingly fast and I wasn’t so
sure she didn’t slow down to let me catch up. We walked the last little bit to the water
holding hands and smiling, well I definitely was.
We swam around in the shallow warm water in our night clothes
with not a worry in the
world, splashing each other and giggling. It felt good to be a kid, we had been so caught
up in these big happenings that we automatically grew up. We spoke about school and
our parents and our lovable but annoying siblings. Kim had a little cousin who was two