and absolutely loved her, so much so that he would not leave her alone when they were
together. We swam and spoke for what must have been an hour before we grew tired
of the water and moved back to the beach. We sat looking out at the water. Light was
creeping in and I felt our time together as it was in this moment was drawing to a close.
For whatever reason we both sat in that spot and I knew that we just had to watch the
sun rise over the ocean.
The sun crept slowly up over
the horizon and as we watched we felt the warmth of the
light creep over us. This was the most beautiful part of the world I had ever been in. I
looked over at Kim and saw the words “kiss him” floating around her head. She knew I
could see them and just smiled at me. My heart started to beat fast and I was out of
breath in an instant. I felt dizzy and my gut reaction was to get up and run back to the
cabin. Before I could even make a move Kim leant in to me with her eyes closed and lips
out. I did the same
and said a little prayer to please not have my first kiss be an absolute
screw up.
Our lips met in an awkward way and we sort of just stayed like that for a moment, but
after a few seconds I felt a warmth fill me up from my toes to my head and my body
took on a life of its own. It was as if I instinctively knew what to do and it was also as if I
were observing myself do it. We pulled ourselves away from each other and smiled
rather innocent but naughty smiles. I had just had my first kiss and it was amazing.
I gazed into Kim’s eyes for a while longer, my breath was taken away by the whole
situation. In the background I heard a frantic flapping sound, soft at first but then it
grew louder. Kim also heard it. We both looked out at the ocean and in the distance
growing closer and closer was a frantically flying thing I couldn’t quite make out. It was
growing louder. It also sounded quite out of breath. What eventually crash landed in
front of us was the worst looking pelican I had ever seen. It was wheezing
staggering around as if delirious. Kim and I exchanged looks and then cautiously