approached the weird pelican who was now muttering something about finding
someone to speak to.
It took a few moments for him to take notice of us.
“Ah, good day to you, tell me, do you perhaps know where I might find another pelican
with whom I may engage in a rather important discourse?” his asked in as polite a tone
as he could manage. As mangled and to pieces as he was, he still tried his best to
straighten up and talk as if nothing were out of the ordinary. “And perhaps a drink of
wat..........” and then he collapsed in a heap on the sand in front of us.
“You call Kayla and I will get some water, hurry Matthew, I think this is important” Kim
instructed. I obeyed without question. I knelt beside the pelican, he was still breathing,
but he was twitching rather badly. Kim shot off back to the cabin to get some water. I
closed my eyes and found Kayla’s energy string. I had no idea if it would work but I gave
it a try anyway. I sent my thoughts about what had happened along the energy string. I
heard nothing. I repeated it several times. Still nothing. In a frantic panic I sent my
thoughts repeatedly in rapid fire injected with some intense emotional distress along
the energy string.
“Okay Okay! Geez! No need to shout boy! I hear you loud and clear. It will take a few
minutes for us to get there.” Kayla’s voice echoed in my head. “In the meantime dig a
deep hole in the sand up a ways from the water. Open his beak and take
out any
seaweed in there. Be careful not to get any near your face, burry it in the hole and
clearly mark the hole so we can find it later. Then wash your hands with sand and
seawater immediately. Don’t touch your face, just wait for us to get there. You got all
that?” she asked.